Nightwatch was published in January 2014, initially created by Andrei Rusu as a tool to enable writing of automated UI tests in a straightforward way, and which will require as little configuration and additional libraries as possible.

Right after it was published, Nightwatch has seen steady growth and has now become one of the most popular Node.js end-to-end testing solutions for web applications and websites.

From the very first Github Issue opened by Evan You (creator of Vue.js) and seamless integration with the Vue.js framework, to being featured on the 2017 ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, Nightwatch has become an established household name in the wider automated testing industry.

Our Vision

Instead of building a highly flexible tool which supports a lot of plugins and customization we aim to deliver a tool that is packed with everything you need out of the box.

We believe that in order to write tests you should only focus on writing tests and not have to add multiple external plugins and dependencies. In our experience, this usually leads to increasingly more time spent on maintaining dependencies and solving configuration issues, instead of writing actual tests.

We do however provide mechanisms to extend the existing API commands and assertions when needed and you can also use Nightwatch programmatically if you wish. We also do our best to ensure that Nightwatch follows an industry agreed upon practice and we try to be compatible with other existing tools.

You can even write Node.js unit tests in Nightwatch to test your backend APIs. These tests are using the same assertion libraries and the same syntax and runner. We can even combine end-to-end tests with unit/integration tests in the same test run.

Current Version - 1.2

Progress regarding the issues being worked on from the current version can be tracked on Github Projects. The focus in this version was to stabilize the existing waitForElement and other element related commands and improve the compatibility with the WebDriver API, particularly for window related commands.

More details on the v1.2 release can be found on the Github release pages.

Version 1.3

We plan on continuing to improve the compatibility with the Webdriver API and the cross-browser testing support. In addition we hope to address some of the issues related to concurrency, particularly in Firefox.

At the same time, we are working on adding BDD describe interface for writing tests, as we believe this will make users (especially new ones) a bit more comfortable with writing tests in a well-known syntax.

You can follow the development progress on Github Projects

Version 1.4

We are currently planning the roadmap for the v1.4 release but we hope that either this version, or a potential v2 instead, will include support for - our upcoming cloud testing service.

Development of our own cloud testing platform is slowly but surely moving forward. Perhaps not at the same speed as a full dev team working in a properly funded company but rest assured that it is progressing.

We have made the decision to try and grow the platform organically, without using external funding. We are building Nightcloud at the same time that we maintaing Nightwatch and we hope to be ready with the Beta release by the end of 2019.

We are however open to partnership suggestions and we'd be happy to discuss any ideas or proposals. Drop us a line if you're interested in partnering with us for the development of Nightcloud.

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