Go beyond End-to-End Testing

Nightwatch framework is designed to work accross the test pyramid. Using a single framework to do multiple types of testing will help you reduce your learning curve & test maintenance headaches.

Test accross the pyramid

End to End Testing

Nightwatch has a lot of tools to enable you to test your web and mobile applications accross your entire workflow from writing tests to running them to debugging them. The rich set of commands, selectors & assertions will help author any real world scenario that your users might face.

Know more about E2E testing with Nightwatch

Component Testing

Component testing plays a vital role in verifying the functionality of individual components in isolation. It has become increasingly important, particularly with the emergence of reusable component UI frameworks. Nightwatch enables you to perform isolated component testing by seamlessly mounting them in the browser and leveraging its comprehensive APIs. This approach brings in consistency in test authoring and makes your test suites easily maintanable. Nightwatch supports component testing for popular web frameworks such as:

To learn about component testing concepts, refer to this guide.

Integration & Unit Testing

Unit and integration testing are crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability of software by validating individual components and their interactions within a system. You can run unit & integration tests as well using Nightwatch. With v3 we also introduced test doubles with in-built support for stubs, spies & mocks to achieve isolation in unit testing.