Sep 24, 2022

Minor update for the axe-nightwatch-verbose dependency.


Sep 23, 2022

  • Fixed #3396 showing version using the --version cli flag
  • Fixed #3336 an issue with using browser.resizeWindow()


Sep 16, 2022

Fixed #3355 – updating the build name using client.updateCapabilities did not work


Sep 15, 2022


Sep 14, 2022

  • Added new CLI flag `--report-filename to specify the report file name for the JSON reporter d73a6f
  • Fixed #3361 -- expect.cookie always returning undefined value
  • Fixed an issue where the error thrown for using incorrect arguments for element commands was not reported if using async/await testcase e9e38c
  • Fixed #3372 -- chaining custom commands from page objects when imported through plugins interface
  • Added analytics feature to collect anonymous user metrics (opt in only) PR #3141


Sep 2, 2022

  • Fixed #3284 – beforeEach hook was executed even it() / test() is marked as skipped
  • Fixed #3352 – a TypeError was thrown if a custom command is throwing an error


Aug 19, 2022


  • Added support for using native mobile drivers (#3335)
  • Added new cli flag --list-files (#3246)
  • Added support to retain the html report between test runs (#3309)


  • Fixed #3304 - added buildname to settings when running on Browserstack
  • Fixed #3301 - awaited asserts used inside custom commands were hanging the test run
  • Fixed #3257 - expect.elements(..).count should be 0 if element not found


Jul 20, 2022

New feature

  • Added pause and debug capabilities - https://github.com/nightwatchjs/nightwatch/issues/3243

    Pause mode

    Add a pause() command to pause your tests indefinitely. In pause mode, you can check the state of your browser or use DevTools to debug. You can also see step-by-step execution from the paused state where the test automatically pauses at the next step.

    Note: The current pause command usage stays as is. You can pass the duration of the pause and the test will pause only for that duration on the mentioned devices.

    Debug mode

    Add a debug() command to pause your test at that step. The debug mode also allows you to check the state of the browser and use DevTools. Furthermore, it offers you an interface to try out nightwatch commands and assertions while your test is paused.

Improvements & Fixes

Release Walkthrough

Nightwatch release walkthough Nightwatch release walkthough


Jul 15, 2022

  • Fixed #3183 – setting chromeOptions in older format didn't work
  • Fixed #3130 – an issue with setting the driver service port number in case of parallel runs with test workers
  • Fixed #3096 – an issue with session request redirection when using SauceLabs
  • Fixed #3264 – HTML reporter raw http logs were failing to escape html
  • Added support for .mockNetworkResponse() to accept relative urls (to launch_url setting)
  • Other – Upgraded selenium-webdriver version to 4.3.1 (#3278)


Jun 21, 2022

Important fixes

  • Fixed #2975 – expect.element().to.not.be.present throws error when the element is not present
  • Fixed – an issue with persisting http data for the HTML reporter

New features

The new Nightwatch init CLI tool is now available to use in order to kick-start a new Nightwatch test project in under 60 seconds.

Simply run:

npm init nightwatch

Nightwatch CLI tool preview

Release notes for create-nightwatch: https://github.com/nightwatchjs/create-nightwatch/releases/tag/v1.0.0


  • Downgraded selenium to 4.1.1 to mitigate a chromedriver startup issue


Jun 14, 2022

The latest release introduces a new built-in HTML reporter and several new API commands based on the Chrome Devtools Protocol for mocking network responses, capturing logs, and more.


  • Added new integrated HTML reporter with test status, assertion logs & raw HTTP logs - #3223; image Read more


  • Added support to find frame when passing argument as id or name - #3205
  • Upgraded selenium-webdriver to v4.2.0 - #3215


Jun 8, 2022

  • Added - platform methods in case of Appium client (#3166)
  • Fixed - an issue with generating XML output for when running tests in parallel (#3163)


May 18, 2022

  • Upgraded the global package to fix an issue on windows


May 15, 2022

This release only contains a few dependency updates, such as the ejs package and the cucumber peer dependency version which was causing issues in newer version of NPM.


May 11, 2022

  • Fixed #3127 -- skipped count was incorrect in global reporter results
  • Fixed #3163 -- a circular reference issue occurring sometimes when running tests in parallel
  • Added support to throw an error when passing undefined args in sendKeys command (#3045)
  • Added support to find frame when passing argument as id or name (#3097)
  • Added update to browserstack transport and built-in config (#3148)
  • Added support for marking test scenarios passed/failed and send reason to Browserstack while using Cucumber as a test-runner (#3132)


May 1, 2022

  • Fixed #3033 – global element() was ignoring the global locate strategy
  • Fixed #3138 -- Unhandled rejection while using expect assertions in an async test step


Apr 20, 2022

  • Fixed #3159 - updated ejs to avoid a high severity vulnerability
  • Fixed #3154 - updated peer dependency version of chromedriver


Apr 6, 2022

The Nightwatch 2.1 release adds a few important fixes and several improvements, including upgrade to Selenium 4.1.1. Here's the full list:


  • Support for working with Selenium relative locators

    describe('sample with relative locators', function () {
    before(browser => browser.navigateTo('https://archive.org/account/login'));
    it('locates password input', function (browser) {
      const passwordElement = locateWith(By.tagName('input')).below(By.css('input[type=email]'));

  • New error stack trace output which parses and highlights the source code line – #3071


  • Set network emulation settings in Chrome/Edge with the .setNetworkConditions() command (#2996)

    offline: false, 
    latency: 5, // Additional latency (ms). 
    download_throughput: 500 * 1024, // Maximal aggregated download throughput. 
    upload_throughput: 500 * 1024 // Maximal aggregated upload throughput. 

  • Automate the input of basic auth credentials with the .registerBasicAuth() command (Chrome/Edge) (#3116)

       .registerBasicAuth('test-username', 'test-password')

Important Fixes

  • Fixed #3079 – unable to clear element in setValue command
  • Fixed #3085 – failing waitFor commands did not failed the test when using the cucumber built-in runner
  • Fixed #3124 - multiple terminal windows opening when running in Chrome on Windows
  • Fixed #3086 - 'RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded' when requiring unknown modules


Mar 2, 2022

Fixed an issue occurring when using the Mocha integrated test runner and a test failure was logged in an async testcases.


Mar 1, 2022

  • Fixed #3077 - an issue with page navigate where the url was defined as a function

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