Run your Nightwatch.js tests in Safari using SafariDriver.

Starting Safari 10, the safaridriver is pre-installed if Safari is installed in your OS. You don't need to explicitly install the if you have the Safari browser installed. Support for the legacy safaridriver has been removed in recent versions of Selenium, which you can track here.

SafariDriver for pre-Selenium 2.45.0 version

In earlier versions, pre-Selenium 2.45.0, the SafariDriver acts as an extension to the Safari browser that can be downloaded from here.

To install SafariDriver:

  1. From folder that matches the version of Selenium you're using, search and download the SafariDriver.safariextz file.
  2. Open Safari and click the File menu.
  3. Select the SafariDriver extension package,SafariDriver.safariextz, you downloaded and click Open.

You can now use Safari in your test scripts in the browserName key under your your desiredCapabilities key as a browser:

"desiredCapabilities" : {
  "browserName" : "safari",
  "javascriptEnabled" : true,
  "acceptSslCerts" : true

Safari specific capabilities

Learn more about Safari-specific capabilities.