Aws Device Farm is one of cloud testing platforms that allows users to do remove browser testing using selenium. It is possible to use Nightwatch with AWS using some tweaks to the auto-generated configuration file nightwatch.conf.js.

Create a new project in AWS Device Farm

Once you have an account with AWS, you can go to the console and navigate to Device Farm Dashboard. From the Dashboard select Desktop Browser Testing>Projects and create a new project there. Once you have a project setup, note down the Project ARN.

Setup aws-cli

If you don't have already, install aws-cli and login to aws using the cli. This will setup the credentials directory which will be needed by the node.js library used in the configuration.

aws configure

Install aws-sdk

Install the aws-node sdk in the same folder where nightwatch is setup.

npm install  aws-sdk

Configuration AWS

Use this configuration as a template to connect to AWS Device Farm. Make sure up update the PROJECT_ARN.

let AWS = require("aws-sdk");
let devicefarm = new AWS.DeviceFarm({ region: "us-west-2" });

module.exports = (async function() { const testGridUrlResult = await devicefarm.createTestGridUrl({ projectArn: PROJECT_ARN, expiresInSeconds: 86400 }).promise(); const testGridUrl = new URL(testGridUrlResult.url);
return { // An array of folders (excluding subfolders) where your tests are located; // if this is not specified, the test source must be passed as the second argument to the test runner. src_folders: [],
// See /guide/working-with-page-objects/using-page-objects.html page_objects_path: ['node_modules/nightwatch/examples/pages/'],
// See /guide/extending-nightwatch/custom-commands.html custom_commands_path: ['node_modules/nightwatch/examples/custom-commands/'],
// See /guide/extending-nightwatch/custom-assertions.html custom_assertions_path: '',
// See /guide/extending-nightwatch/plugin-api.html plugins: [],
// See /guide/#external-globals globals_path : '',
webdriver: {},
test_settings: { default: { disable_error_log: false, launch_url: '',
screenshots: { enabled: false, path: 'screens', on_failure: true },
desiredCapabilities: { browserName : 'chrome' }, },
awsDeviceFarm: { selenium: { host:, default_path_prefix: testGridUrl.pathname, port: 443 },
webdriver: { timeout_options: { timeout: 150000, retry_attempts: 3 }, ssl: true, keep_alive: true, start_process: false } } } } })();