The below settings can be used to control the output and logging when running tests.

Name type default description
output_folder string tests_output The location where the JUnit XML report files will be saved.
folder_format string/function undefined Used as a prefix for HTML report folder. This can be utilised to retain HTML report across test runs
disable_colors boolean false Controls whether or not to disable coloring of the CLI output globally.
live_output boolean false This option is only useful when running tests in parallel. Controls whether or not to buffer the output.
silent boolean true Whether to show the extended HTTP traffic command logs from the WebDriver or Selenium server.
output boolean true Used to disable CLI output completely.
detailed_output boolean true By default detailed assertion output is displayed while the test is running. Set this to false if you'd like to only see the test case name displayed and pass/fail status. Detailed output is disabled by default when running tests in parallel.
disable_error_log boolean false Set this to true if you'd like to not display errors during the execution of the test (they are shown at the end always).
output_timestamp boolean false Set this to true if you'd like to see timestamps next to the logging output.
log_screenshot_data boolean false Used to enable showing the Base64 image data in the (verbose) log when taking screenshots.