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From set up to test execution and debugging, Nightwatch simplifies test automation for you. Get started in 60 seconds and see it in action.
$ npm init nightwatch
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Why Nightwatch?

Simple but powerful

Simple syntax and intuitive commands to avoid clutter and make testing an intuitive experience. Test as you want with support for Typescript and JS.

Built for a mobile-first world

Nightwatch supports testing on mobile browsers and native apps as well. Learn once and deliver amazing experiences across different platforms.

No framework restrictions

Nightwatch supports everything from multi-tabs and iFrames, pinch-zoom and geolocation so that you are not restricted by your framework.

Test on real browsers

Test on actual Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers instead of testing on browser engines. Test your web applications where they will be used.

Why Nightwatch?
Why Nightwatch?
What makes Nightwatch unique?
Page Object Model
Page Object Model

Fast and easy Page Object Model support to better organise elements and sections, with support fot both CSS and Xpath selectors.

Advanced Parallelism

Upto 1.5x faster test execution than most frameworks with the exact same configuration and setup.

Pause and Debug
Pause and Debug

Pause your tests and check the state of your browser, use DevTools, or try out commands and assertions to easily debug test failures

Cloud testing support

Nightwatch easily integrates with most cloud testing platforms like BrowserStack, Sauce Labs and more.

No Implicit Waits
Implicit waits

Say goodbye to flaky tests with implicit waits. Write your scripts without waiting for elements to load.

HTML reporter

Simplified reporting with the integrated HTML reporter that includes test statuses, assertion logs & raw HTTP logs

What makes Nightwatch unique?
What makes Nightwatch unique?
Seamlessly integrate nightwatch into your setup Nightwatch integrates with everything including your CI services, reporters and IDEs.
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