Checks if the specified DOM property of a given element has the expected value. For all the available DOM element properties, consult the Element doc at MDN.
Several properties can be specified (either as an array or command-separated list). Nightwatch will check each one for presence.



this.demoTest = function (browser) {
  browser.assert.domPropertyContains('#main', 'classList', 'visible');

  // in case the resulting property is an array, several elements could be specified
  browser.assert.domPropertyEquals('#main', 'classList', ['class-one', 'class-two']);
  browser.assert.domPropertyEquals('#main', 'classList', 'class-one,class-two');


Name Type description
definition string | object

The selector (CSS/Xpath) used to locate the element. Can either be a string or an object which specifies element properties.

domProperty string

The DOM property name.

expected string

The expected value of the DOM property to check.


Optional log message to display in the output. If missing, one is displayed by default.