Search for an element on the page. The located element will be returned as a special web element object (with added convenience methods).
The argument is the element selector, either specified as a string or as an object (with 'selector' and 'locateStrategy' properties).
Elements can be searched by using another element as the starting point.
If many elements match the locating criteria, only first one is returned.




export default {
  demoTest(browser: NightwatchAPI): void {
    // Using element function (alias for find).
    const button1 = browser.element('button.submit-form');
    // Using the find method of the element namespace.
    const button2 = browser.element.find('button.submit-form');
    // Searching for the icon element inside the .submit-form button.
    const icon = button2.find('i');

    // Use an object to customise locating behaviour.
    const main = browser.element({ selector: 'main', locateStrategy: 'css selector' });
  async demoTestAsync(browser: NightwatchAPI): Promise<void> {
    // button is the WebElement object.
    const button = await browser.element('button.submit-form');


Name Type description
selector String | Object


Type description