Writing Page-specific Custom Commands Suggest edits

You can add custom commands to your page object using the commands property. This is a useful way to encapsulate logic about the page that would otherwise live in a test, or multiple tests.

Nightwatch will call the command on the context of the page or section. Client commands like pause are available via this.api. For chaining, each function should return the page object or section.

In this case, a command is used to encapsulate logic for clicking the submit button:

var googleCommands = {
  submit: function() {
    return this.waitForElementVisible('@submitButton', 1000)

module.exports = {
  commands: [googleCommands],
  elements: {
    searchBar: {
      selector: 'input[type=text]'
    submitButton: {
      selector: 'input[name=btnK]'

Then the test is simply:

module.exports = {
  'Test': function (browser) {
    var google = browser.page.google();
    google.setValue('@searchBar', 'nightwatch')

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